Our Aims

  • Agreeing on criteria for organic production systems.
  • Try to achieve similar yields to the conventional production.
  • Reduce costs through adequate technologies.
  • Look for new markets for products of a high added value (as for example flour and organic oils) and matching them to the highest standards used in the European Union, the NOP, Biosuisse and in IFOAM.
  • Ensure that each one of the producers becomes a contributor to the social and economic development of his region.

We are looking for new alternatives and approaching clients jointly in order to reduce operating costs, establish direct contact with interested parties and sign advantageous agreements for both sides.

The great value of our organic products is that they contribute to real health and to a better quality of life.

Our aim is to develop a joint production whose main asset is a high social and environmental responsibility, respecting the fertility of the soil, using national products and local labor and respecting our traditions.